Adapt to Changing Threats with EdgeWave ePrism Email Security

It’s tough when it comes to ensuring your computers are safe from hackers, phishing, viruses, malware, and cyber attacks. According to CNN, IT professionals have to secure their computers from nearly one million pieces of malware that are created daily— and that’s not including all the viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malware, spam, and other threats that assault your computers on a daily basis. No wonder systems and network administrators seem overwhelmed. We’ve seen it ourselves, and the picture is pretty ugly. We know cyber criminals are getting more clever yet with their code; many recognize the standard safeguards in place and skirt around them. And then, there’s the matter of your employees’ email.

Email Security

Why Your Employees’ Email is Especially at Risk

Your employees’ email is at risk on a daily basis. While your employee swears he or she doesn’t use the email or their business account for anything other than work, they can still put your systems at risk. It takes only 82 seconds for someone to become duped into thinking a virus-ladened piece of email actually came from a credible source. It is the same if your attacker sends you a phishing email. Some of the emails are easy to spot; others significantly more difficult. And the reality is 55 percent of senior managers and 54 percent of low level employees are convinced this is IT’s problem and not theirs. We find that particularly hard to swallow — and you should too. Your employees are thinking it’s okay to open that piece of email, send that sensitive document to their home computer or cloud, or send it to the right place, but not encrypted. All these actions could destroy your business and your computer systems before you even recognize it is happening.

You Need Email Protection That Adapts to Changing Threats

You already know you need virus protection and even malware protection on your computers, but many companies don’t consider the threats that email really can bring to your systems and your company. The cyber criminals, and even rogue governments, can launch a concerted attack through your email. Criminals and competitors could get hold of your sensitive data. You need protection like never before, including intelligent software combined with expert human analysis to ensure your computers and data are safe.

What We Recommend, and Why

When it comes to threats, we recommend EdgeWave ePrism Email Security. It provides defense on several fronts, with both human and artificial intelligence scanning and adapting to the attacks. EdgeWave ePrism Email Security uses multiple antivirus engines to recognize and eliminate threats, plus uses Zero Minute Defense messaging threat detection, EdgeWave’s system for recognizing problems even before you or your users see it. It fuses both artificial intelligence and and live expert analysis to ensure that new threats don’t get through. EdgeWave offers specialized email encryption, so sensitive data doesn’t get stolen and used against your company or your customers.

Even if you have an email outage, your email is safe, and none is lost using EdgeWave ePrism Email Security. It also archives emails, and even provides customizable reports so you know what’s happening. We also offer StorageCraft Recovery Solution, in case the unthinkable happens on your Windows or Linux system. We’ve found this to provide data recovery and system recovery better than other solutions.

Your systems are at risk. Protect them.

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