Jackson Computer Consulting delivers exceptional IT support to Astrobotic

When Astrobotic needed a reliable partner to manage and enhance their IT infrastructure, they teamed up with Jackson Computer Consulting. JCC provides them with expert service and future planning for their growing business.

Founded in 2008, Astrobotic is a Pittsburgh-based logistics company that specializes in affordable space robotic technology and planetary missions. With a focus on designing and planning low-cost, reliable landing missions they aim to make commercial lunar payload delivery far more economically viable.

Pittsburgh IT Support

Astrobotic’s Eric Amoroso states, “We want to make delivering payloads to the moon much cheaper than was previously possible. We want to make space more accessible to multiple agencies and countries.”

Astrobotic initially managed their own technology needs. Amoroso reveals, “For a long time, we handled it as best we could internally.  We just set up our own kind of rig, start-up style.” As they grew and their staffing increased their networking and infrastructure requirements also expanded.

While they had people in-house who could handle some aspects of their IT, they decided to bring in a dedicated IT supplier so that their staff could spend their time concentrating on their real goals.

Amoroso says, “We wanted to focus our efforts on spacecraft design and less on managing IT needs and resources.” Astrobotic began searching for the service provider that would deliver the results they wanted.

The Situation: Space logistics company requires flexible provider to manage their IT infrastructure

Astrobotic was looking for an IT provider with the flexibility and expertise that would meet all of their requirements. They found exactly what they were looking for with Jackson Computer Consulting.

Amoroso enthuses, “JCC wasn’t the only firm we checked out, but they were the best choice for us and were really committed to suiting our needs.”

JCC has improved Astrobotic’s working environment and ensures that any IT issues they encounter or modifications are resolved in the quickest time frame possible.

Amoroso states, “The software they’ve hooked us up with is exactly what we need, and it’s installed on everyone’s computer.” He continues, “It’s also amazing that they’re just an email away. If we ever need anything, anytime, we can get them. If the solution can’t happen remotely, they are on site quickly and are incredibly helpful.”

Astrobotic counts on JCC’s proficiency in IT planning and development. Amoroso comments, “Having a reliable and knowledgeable consultant there for when we need it is invaluable to us.” He explains, “We had a large technology review and having JCC on board was fantastic. We were discussing big systems with multiple conference lines and networking issues. It was critical to have them there to review everything with us.”

The Solution: Partnering with Jackson Computer Consulting for consistent innovation and expert tailored service

Amoroso praises JCC for their flexibility and availability. “They never know when there’s going to be a fire at Astrobotic, but they are always there to help us put it out if it happens. JCC is very proactive, they’re constantly thinking about our long-term interests.”

Amoroso recommends JCC to organizations of any size. “Their business model is especially ideal for smaller companies that may be a little more tech competent but need someone to do the rough work now and then. The best part is they’re even great for companies who do need the full-time monitoring and support. They have a really great model that adapts to every business’s needs.”

Jackson Computer Consulting offers an array of customized services to suit all technology needs. Contact us now at (412) 853-3708 or info@jcchelp.com to benefit from our secure, reliable and proactive IT support.

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