New Management for Henry Sheign Division

Henry Sheign, a Fortune 500 company, is also the owner of McAllister Software Systems in Piedmont. The largest employer in Wayne County is proud to announce a new general manager, Craig Claney, taking over for Scott McAllister as captain of the ship.

Vet IT Services

About Craig Claney

Craig Claney is hoping to grow the company and create more jobs for the region he loves, lives, and works in. He began his new position about three weeks ago, and is excited about the future of the company, foreseeing many great things in the future.

Clancy is from a small town in Iowa, and graduated college with an electrical engineering degree in 1989, beginning his career immediately afterwards with Applied Metals. During his 24 years with the company, Claney had the opportunity to gain experience as a field engineer, as well as did work in marketing, and program management. His career with Applied afforded him a wealth of education and experience, travelling to over 22 countries and racking up millions of frequent flyer miles, however, he chose to move on when restructuring would have required him to relocate to China.

A traditional job search led to 13 interviews and a trip to New York before he was even aware the position he was applying for was as general manager of McAllister Software Systems, and he couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Following McAllister’s announcement of resigning as president rumors started to surface about the company closing its doors, but Claney assures this is not the case and he is excited to move into his new role, stating  “As long as I am here, I will do everything for the company to continue and to grow. It is a vital oasis here that provides an outlet for programmers and tech support individuals. I take this position seriously. It is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people.”

Claney sees good things for the future of McAllister Software Systems, with goals of expanding the customer service department to support other Henry Sheign products. He believes the employees on the phone lines are the lifeline of the company.

The move from a privately-owned family corporation to a publicly traded on has made many employees anxious, but the message is clear that the company is alive and well, and the only thing changing is the structure, making the company more cost-effective and productive. Claney is committed to improving the company and using communication as a tool do so.

A Solid Foundation

Claney is taking the reigns of a company with a solid foundation. The McAllister family did a wonderful thing for the area, and the focus is on continuing to grow. Currently, 137 people have jobs over the three locations, and the goal is to keep moving forward.

McAllister Software employees have nothing to worry about, the company currently is stable and well with over 10 000 customers.  Avimark, the software system that the company sells and provides support and ancillary products, is a leader in the veterinary software industry.  Avimark and its sister company, ImproMed, has 66 percent of the market.

The goal is not to compete with ImproMed, but to look at a whole new revenue stream providing support for other Henry Sheign products.

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