New Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

New features of Microsoft Office 365 include Advanced Security Management based on Microsoft’s Cloud App Security offering. This new offering is targeted toward administrators and enables administrators to setup detection policies. ASM includes threat detection, enhanced control, and Discovery Insights.

Regarding the threat detection features, anomaly detection takes place by scanning user activities and evaluating risk through the included seventy evaluated risk indicators.

The enhanced control allows setup and activity policies to provide tracking. It can easily create policies that flag the download of unusually large amounts of data. Activity policies can help adapt and customize the user’s environment through the utilization of activity filters, location, device type, and IP address (for those who can grant admin rights). For convenience, Microsoft has added alerts enabling the administrator to be notified via email or text message.

Computer Security

According to Microsoft, this update gives the user the ability to discover about 1,000 applications. These categories include collaboration, cloud storage, webmail, and other applications to help determine what type of Shadow IT is occurring. An example of this would be: failed sign-ins, inactive accounts, user behavior, and activity levels.

Microsoft leverages ADS by relying on analytics to spot unusual or risky behavior on networks. While configuring policies, admins can set up configurable templates and alerts to notify themselves,

ADS isn’t available to all O365 users. Here’s the catch, Microsoft ADS is included in Office 365 E5 and is available as an add-on to their Office 365 enterprise plans at the price of $3 USD per month.

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