Windows 10 For Your Small and Medium Sized Businesses

The new Windows 10 Pro offers all of the freedom you and your business could ever need or imagine. This powerful software works efficiently across all of your devices, allowing you to stay mobile while using a device that fits your budget.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro is focused on productivity because you work too hard not to be productive. Featuring enterprise-grade security to keep your business data safeguarded, and easily managed with a light touch, requiring no major IT investments, Windows 10 Pro is the game-changing solution you’ve been looking for. Above all else, Windows 10 Pro provides a familiar and productive user experience – so you can focus on the important work you do.

A Familiar and Productive User Experience

Windows 10 Pro is all about providing users with a familiar and productive experience, regardless of the device you are using. Taking the familiarity of the Windows desktop and merging it with recent advancements in technology means you are an expert from the start and gives the freedom to accomplish great things.

Let’s take a look at the Windows 10 Pro overview.

  • The Start Menu – The Start menu is back, and better than ever, now featuring Live Tiles and adjustable sizes. Windows 10 is friendly and familiar with many of the features you are accustomed to carried over from Windows 7. With the familiarity you are comfortable with you are able to feel like an expert right from the get-go.
  • Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 – Microsoft Edge is Microsoft’s brand new internet explorer, specifically built to improve your web experience by allowing for easy sharing, navigation, and better built for getting things done online. IE 11 provides a reliable, consistent browser for enterprise web apps2. Internet Explorer 11 offers the security, manageability, compatibility, and modern standards that properly support the needs of large web app portfolios.
  • Continuum – Windows 10 Pro allows you to view your apps and content beautifully, regardless of the device you are on. Whether in desktop or tablet mode, touch or type, the best screen is the one you are on.
  • Windows Apps – Run the apps you need, including the familiar Office experience, Windows store apps, and a long list of business solutions for SMB’s, all available in the new browser, Microsoft Edge.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Enterprises and governments need a solution that is custom-fit to their individual needs, capable of protecting their data, devices, and identities. Windows 10 Pro provides that same level of security for your business, so you can feel rest assured your operations are secure.

Windows 10 Pro includes security features such as:

  • Enterprise Data Protection – Make it easier to perform data separation and containment of corporate data with Enterprise Data Protection. Unlike many 3rd party solutions, Windows does not require containers but protects data wherever it lives on the device.
  • Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello – Easily deploy a two-factor password alternative with Microsoft Passport, made accessible with a PIN, or by using Windows Hello. This provides enterprise-grade security and supports fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition.
  • Trusted Boot – With Windows 10 the pathways that allow malware to hide by starting before the OS are blocked off. Key systems are isolated from the system using hardware-based virtualization so they cannot be tampered with.
  • Conditional Access – The Windows Device Health Attestation is a cloud service used in conjunction with a management system such as Microsoft Intune to provide conditional access in order to prevent untrustworthy devices from gaining access to your resources.

Light Touch Management

Designed to make management easy and convenient, Windows 10 offers light touch management that simplifies how your PC and devices are configured, mobile or not.

The Windows 10 light touch management platform features:

  • In-Place Upgrades and Dynamic Provisioning – Windows 10 has the capabilities to simplify how your devices are configured. Windows 10 does all the work when upgrading from an older Windows platform, preserving data and settings, as well as updating any possible drivers and apps. This simplifies deployment making sure you and your operations don’t miss a beat.
  • Domain Join and Group Policy – Windows 10 Pro still comes equipped with all the dependable client-server technologies that have been successful in keeping businesses secure and well-managed, as in the past.
  • Mobile Device Management – Take advantage of a simpler approach to device management with Windows cloud-based MDM solutions that manage all of your devices from a single point of control. It is even possible to manage all of your Windows 10 devices using the Microsoft Office 365 MDM features.
  • Windows Store For Business – The new Windows Store for Business offers a flexible way to find and use new apps. It can also manage licenses and integrate into your systems management solutions.
  • Windows Update For Business – This feature helps businesses reduce overall management costs, offer better control over update deployments, provide better access to security updates, and enable you to easily access the latest Microsoft innovations.
  • Current Branch For Business – The Current Branch for Business gives you extra time to test and prepare for upcoming Windows updates. Receive feature updates only after they have been properly tested for compatibility while still receiving critical security updates.
  • Azure Active Directory Join – Using Azure AD join users can share identities across Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 365. This makes passwords and logins easier to manage as the shared login will work across all devices.

A Wide Range Of Innovative Devices

Device makers have seen to it there is a wide variety of affordable and innovative solutions available to power your business, including a range of modern Windows devices to help you do great things. Windows 10 was specifically designed to work with a broad range of devices you are already using, as well as change the way you use those devices with enhanced capabilities and exciting new features, including:

  • Hardware Compatibility – Windows 10 has been designed to work great with your existing devices, meaning there is no need to wait for your next hardware upgrade to migrate to the new operating system.
  • Lumia – Lumia smartphones make sure you are working smart, not hard. Lumia powers the world of Microsoft services and is ready to support you and your business, allowing you to access and edit your important documents from wherever you may be, using Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive for Business, and all of Outlooks core functionality for mobile, synced across all of your devices.
  • Surface Hub – Surface Hub was designed to change the way you do work, creating a central hub perfect for collaboration. Access all of your important collaboration resources, such as Skype for Business, with an effortless tap of your device.
  • Excellent Mouse and Keyboard Support – Windows 10 devices have been optimized for whatever input device you are using, including mouse, keyboard, monitor, 2-in-1, and more.
  • 2-In-1 Devices – Microsoft is proud to introduce 2-in-1 devices, a brand new category of devices that offer a dynamic laptop and tablet experience in one single device.
  • Surface Devices – The Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 is made for those looking for the best a tablet has to offer while still prioritizing productivity. The Surface 3 is a lightweight, thin device that offers long lasting battery, just as one would expect from a high-end tablet. The Surface 3 Pro mirrors the power and productivity of an Intel Core laptop that is running Windows Pro, but in a thin, lightweight package, offering convenience and mobility.
  • HoloLens – Microsoft HoloLens is an incredible tool to enhance productivity, collaboration, and innovation. The potential of holographic computing is only now starting to be realized, and Microsoft HoloLens unlocks new possibilities and opportunities for you.

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