Windows 10 integrates Autodesk’s open platform for 3D printing

On Thursday, Microsoft said that they have built in the Autodesk “Spark” 3D printing platform into Windows 10.

Autodesk launched Spark as an open platform about a year ago, when the company said that Spark would be freely licensable to other manufacturers. The Spark technology has been “integrated into Windows 10,” said John Shewchuk, a technical fellow for Microsoft.

Autodesk has already designed the Ember 3D printer to work with the Spark software, and plans to license the technology to other printer makers and other technology companies.

Microsoft hasn’t said much about 3D printing in Windows 10, but has laid out how to do it in Windows 8.1. All you have to do is click File and Print just like you would for any spreadsheet or text document, choose your options, hit the print button, and Windows takes care of the rest. Presumably, it will work the same with Windows 10.

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