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    3 Ways to Focus on Your Customers During COVID-19

    3 Ways to Focus on Your Customers During COVID-19

    From the perspective of returning to the workplace, once your people, establishment, and technology are in order, it’s time to focus on your customers.

    This is where you and your team can play a critical role in helping your customers feel comfortable to conduct business with you now that global health crisis restrictions have been lifted.

    Here are 3 things you can do to show customers you care.


    • Maintain an open line of communication with your customers.
      Create a cadenced stream of communication to ensure they understand the channels available to them should they have questions, comments, or concerns.
    • Create signage with details about entering your establishment.
      Pave the way for a good customer experience by setting clear expectations when customers enter your establishment.

      Creating signage to communicate expectations will give your customers a good level of comfort knowing you are taking the necessary precautions necessary to keep them and your employees safe. Include details such as business hours and how you will manage social distancing.

      Also, make sure your customers understand the precautions your staff is taking, including the wearing of masks, washing hands, wiping down and disinfecting common areas, etc.
    • Survey your customers.
      Once things get back to a new normal, this is a good time to survey your customers to learn what worked and what didn’t.

      Use the lessons learned during this crisis to update the planning and response process with your customers. Document this and prepare for a future crisis, as something like this may happen again.

    This checklist is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but it can help provide guidance as you look to reopen. Be sure to check out the other checklists in this series: People, Workplace, and Technology.

    Everyone’s situation is unique, but evaluating your plan with these components in mind can help you get organized and anticipate obstacles.

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