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    IT Support for Accounting

    Here at NetOne Technologies, we can help CPAs and accounting firms of all sizes with managing IT solutions in a way that’s solution-driven and cost-effective. Accountants have to manage and store sensitive information securely. And need the right applications to do so with ease and multi-access ability. When those in the accounting industry choose to utilize services through NetOne Technologies, they not only get the effective solutions they need now, but also the ongoing support they will need in the future.

    Some NetOne Technologies for the Accounting Industry

    There are a number of managed IT solutions accountants can take advantage of including:

    Cloud Solutions: Give your accounting firm employees a safe and highly accessible method of storing and sharing information like files and messages.
    Carrier Services: Whether you need high-speed internet for one or more locations or just tired of your current phone service, we can come up with a carrier service that better fits your needs.
    Business Continuity: Be prepared for all types of information elimination disaster with backups of your cloud, planning for off-site restoration, and regular testing for maintenance.
    IT Consulting: Don’t know what solutions could best save you money and time? Consulting allows us to assess a business from all angles to determine which solutions are best for a business budget and objectives. Plus, get you up to speed with the latest technological applications which competitors may already be using.
    Managed IT: It can be a hassle to keep up with the maintenance and repairs for all the technological solutions at your accounting firm. With managed IT services, we can offer unlimited help through support, backup your data in case of emergency, upkeep current equipment, hold monthly meetings for assessment, and monitor your services 24/7.
    Wireless Networking: Get internet without the hassle and mess of cords. NetOne Technologies can pair your accounting business with the wireless solution that meets your needs.

    Need Information Technology Management Solutions?

    Negotiating prices, determining contracts, and dealing with a number of different service providers can take priceless time and hard earned money from your business. With NetOne Technologies, you can have one point of contact for your IT management needs. Whether you need a single solution or complete servicing, we can form a plan best suited for your goals. Let us be your go-to IT management team and allow us to show you how much time and money you could be saving with better, more effective IT solutions.

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