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    IT Support for Architects

    Here at NetOne Technologies, we understand that Architects may utilize a number of computer software systems and need the capability to store unlimited data. Plus, these systems may require a quality network connection and backup measures set into place. With managed IT solutions, architects can spend more time dedicated to their passion and less worrying about technical requirements to run a business.

    Managed IT Solutions for Architects

    While there are a number of types of architects, the chances are that every type can benefit from some kind of managed IT service. NetOne Technologies offers services for the architecture industry including:

    Business Continuity: Electronic files and software systems may be an integral part of how architects do business. In the event of a disaster like software malfunction or crash, we can provide backups of all files. Plus, test and monitor backups routinely to ensure that business will be up and running smoothly in the event of a disaster.
    Carrier Services: Whether an architectural business needs phone, internet, cable, or wireless services, we can shop for the best contracts and services available. This way, you can continue with business without having to manage the technical side of things.
    Cloud Services: Architects may need the capability to store large files. With the cloud, there is unlimited storage, security features, and sharing capabilities from anywhere in the world. We can set up and manage your business cloud to run as effectively as possible.
    IT Consulting: Not sure what your architecture business needs as far as IT solutions? Our IT consulting involves an in-depth analysis of all current systems and contracts to determine the best method to fit your needs and budget.
    Managed IT: With this service, architects can be sure their systems and equipment are running smoothly at all times. This includes backups, 24/7 support and troubleshooting, routine maintenance, and monthly meetings to discuss expectations and objectives.
    Wireless Networking: These solutions offer the connectivity between devices without the connection between cords. NetONe can set up, manage, and offer support for wireless networking architects may require.

    Need Managed IT Solutions for an Architecture Business?

    With managed IT solutions, an architect business can stop having to worry about having up to date capabilities, storage limitations, low-speed internet, and much more. If IT is more of a hassle than a solution for you, your business may be able to benefit from the help of NetOne Technologies. Let us perform an assessment of your current services to determine where you can better your IT efforts to save money, produce work more efficiently, and reach your business goals! Contact us today to speak with an IT expert at NetOne Technologies.

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