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    Medical Practices

    Medical Practices

    IT Support for Medical Practices

    Ensuring HIPAA compliance while helping you better serve your patients.

    We know taking care of your patients involves more than just keeping them healthy, it also involves guarding the privacy and confidentiality of their electronic protected health information. That’s why we’re here to help you enhance security while making it easier to focus on what’s important: taking care of your patients.

    NetOne Technologies provides IT support and technology business management for medical practices looking to stay compliant while serving their patients to the best of their abilities. Call (561) 432-7823 or email us at for more information.

    Our team of IT experts strives to make it easier for you to provide the highest level of patient care while ensuring:

    • PHI stays protected through comprehensive security measures, such as anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption, and more.
    • HIPAA compliance is maintained through regular risk assessments designed to pinpoint and resolve weak points in protection.
    • Policies on data access and storage are created to help staff members avoid accidental data loss resulting in hefty fines.
    • A thorough business continuity plan is in place to keep your data and applications backed up and ready to recover quickly.

    Discover why we’re the go-to name in IT support for medical practices. Contact NetOne Technologies at (561) 432-7823 or send us an email:

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