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    Preparing for Natural Disasters During Hurricane Season

    Hurricanes and coastal storms can put your business out of commission for a day, a week, or permanently. All businesses, especially those operating in storm or hurricane-prone areas like South Florida, should be prepared for anything. Preparation should include:

    Continuous off-site backup of data, applications, and server images.

    In the wake of a major weather event, businesses should ensure that their policy covers all aspects of business continuity, rather than just damage and outage impacts.

    The ability to restore IT operations in the cloud and/or at a site sufficiently further inland from the coast to be unaffected by the storm. This restoration may require the evacuation of key IT personnel out of the storm so that they can continue to work remotely from their laptops even if the area’s mobile data services are interrupted.

    Website posting that alerts customers and partners about storm preparations— along with frequent post-storm updates that allow visitors to track the progress of any necessary recovery.

    To learn more about how natural disasters like hurricanes can impact your business, and how to prepare for the worst, let’s talk! We’ll help you figure out a business continuity disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan.

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