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    Complete Cloud

    Complete Cloud is a cloud service that offers one solution for multiple tools and capabilities. Basically, it provides a number of capabilities like automatic updates, business email, video messaging applications, Microsoft Office software, video conferencing, and more all in one, easily accessible cloud service. It’s great for businesses who have a number of employees working remotely that need to utilize the same applications on the same networks.

    Store Information on the Cloud Instead of Equipment

    One of the best advantages of switching to a Complete Cloud for business information sharing and storing is that you don’t have to worry about computer space. Too often, businesses spend tens of thousands on updating tech equipment to upgrade storage capabilities. But, with Complete Cloud, all information is stored using the vast and unlimited reach of the internet. This saves you time researching better equipment and money replacing it all every few years. Plus, all information stored to the cloud is backed up to offer complete restoration in the event of computer crashes or another disaster.

    No More Updates

    When technology expands, so does the software and applications they use. But with Complete Cloud, you won’t have to worry about performing routine application updates or even perform network maintenance. This is because Complete Cloud offers automatic updates to all software that uses it.

    Other Benefits of Complete Cloud with Net One

    • Organizing all business computers and storage servers in one place for easy access, editing, uploading, and more
    • Unlimited and unrestricted storage space
    • Backups of past documents instead of replacements
    • Technical support for troubleshooting if desired
    • Easy sign in and access from multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops.

    Complete Cloud Solution with NetOne

    Before we begin installing your Complete Cloud solution and syncing all business devices, we first assess your needs as a business. Most companies find they save both money and valuable energy when they allow NetOne to manage their cloud solutions. Instead of having to compare pricing, negotiate contracts, and decide on specific services, we do all that for you! Additionally, we provide an in-depth plan so that we’re on the same track with business objectives, needs, and desires. This way, we can tailor your Complete Cloud solution based on the specifics of your company.

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