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    It seems that technology is gaining more mobility. This, in turn, allows businesses to take advantage of these mobile capabilities and run business from outside the office. However, when a mobile business can’t share information, business is at a halt. NetSync allows for the encouragement of this mobile business data sharing. Plus, provides secure, easy, and customizable ways to share and store the information you need at hand.

    Netsync allows businesses to fluidly share documents and information from anywhere across multiple devices. It supports laptops, mobile devices, tablets, the cloud, and desktop computers all-in-one. It’s an easy and simple way to provide access to multimedia forms to your whole team.

    A Secure Sharing Network

    Sharing between the NetSync network is a completely secure way to send files. With the click of a button, you can safely send messages or update data to a number of platforms. Plus, whatever accessibility occurs to the network is tracked and stored. This way, you’ll have access to past versions and be able to restore mistakenly deleted files.

    More Benefits and Features of NetSync

    • Manage the sharing and updating of corporate documents from anywhere and any device
    • Eliminate the need for VPN and FTP sharing and edit, sync, and view from one place.
    • Ability to restore and backup files
    • Customize policies and manage company profiles from a single, easy to use dashboard
    • The ability for either public or private cloud sharing to meet size sharing or privacy needs
    • Preview files before downloading
    • Password capabilities to secure downloads even further
    • Outlook plugin to file share even easier with this application
    • Ability to lock files to prevent further editing

    NetSync with NetOne

    Think that having an easy and accessible way to manage file sharing across all business technology would be helpful? When you choose NetOne Technologies, you have a dedicated team of experts to assess your needs. This way, you’re sure to get the best solutions available when you need them.

    If you choose NetSync with NetOne, you’ll have a partner in your data sharing capabilities. We can help to troubleshoot any issues you may have with the software. And make sure you and your team are comfortable with using the system across all devices. Contact us today to learn more!

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    NetSync Key Features

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