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    Security Services

    Safeguarding your network against viruses and malware that could otherwise be extremely costly.

    Cybercrime is rapidly evolving – becoming more complex and sophisticated than ever before. The traditional anti-virus software used in many business environments simply isn’t enough anymore. You need more advanced network security measures to stay safe.

    How confident are you that your data is adequately protected against cyber-attacks?
    Our advanced security bundle offers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to meet all your organization’s security needs. 

    • Managed Detection and Response by SOC
      A security operations center is responsible for protecting an organization against cyber threats. SOC analysts perform round-the-clock monitoring of an organization’s network and investigate any potential security incidents.
    • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
      Corporate-wide initiative to help employees identify and avoid cyber threats in the workplace.
    • Managed Firewalls
      Services around firewalls that ensure that firewalls have clear and well-maintained firewall policy rules, firewalls are proactively patched and updated when needed, and that there is proactive monitoring and auditing.
    • Backup & Disaster Recovery
      Periodically creating or updating one or more copies of files, storing them in one or more remote locations, and using the copies to continue or resume business operations in the event of data loss due to file damage, data corruption, cyberattack, or natural disaster.
    • Endpoint Protection, Email Filter, and Cloud Application Security
      Protected endpoints and email against cyber threats (spam, malware, phishing, etc.)
    • Office 365 Backup and Management
      Backup all or select SharePoint sites, OneDrive accounts, and Exchange mailboxes in your tenant.
    • Remote Monitoring and Patch Management
      Remote monitoring includes proactive maintenance to improve overall IT reliability and productivity. Patch management is the process of applying vendor-issued updates to close security vulnerabilities and optimize the performance of software and devices.
    • DNS Protection
      Blocks malicious websites and filters out harmful or inappropriate content.
    • DMARC Management
      Email verification.
    • Multi-factor Authentication for remote (VPN) Access
      Adds an extra layer of protection to VPN logins to prevent hackers from accessing your account even if they know your username and password.
    • Global and Domain Admin Password Rotation and Caller Verification
      Daily rotation of Office 365 and Domain admin accounts with caller verification.

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