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    Security Services

    Safeguarding your network against viruses and malware that could otherwise be extremely costly.

    Cybercrime is rapidly evolving – becoming more complex and sophisticated than ever before. The traditional anti-virus software used in many business environments simply isn’t enough anymore. You need more advanced network security measures to stay safe.

    How confident are you that your data is adequately protected against cyber-attacks?
    Our advanced security bundle offers a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to meet all your organization’s security needs. 

    • Cybersecurity Awareness Training
      Continuous training and testing to educate your staff on today’s cyber-attacks.
    • Enhanced Spam and Phishing Scanning
      Inbound and Outbound filtering for Spam, Phishing, Malware and Ransomware
    • Cloud Application Services Protection
      Real-time scanning of Office 365 services (Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams) for Malware and Ransomware attacks
    • Advanced Threat Protection
      Protection against infected links and attachments
    • Multifactor Authentication
      Protection against unauthorized access of your email account
    • Office 365 Backup
      Backup for all email, contacts, calendar, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams Data multiple times per day
    • Firewall Monitoring and Maintenance
      Enterprise security features to better protect your company at the gateway level
    • Windows Patch Management
      Making sure all machines are up to date with the latest patches from Microsoft
    • Enterprise Level endpoint Protection
      Protection against malware for server, computer and laptops
    • DNS-Level protection and Content Filtering
      Advanced protection for remote and mobile users when surfing the Internet

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