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    Email Security

    Protecting the gateway to your business against dangerous and frustrating phishing attacks.

    Did you know email is one of the most common ways for hackers to infect your systems? Hackers are leveraging the gateway to your business to steal sensitive information, such as employee records and financial details. You must keep your email safe against attack.

    NetOne Technologies provides email security including spam filtering and message continuity to protect the gateway to your business. Call (561) 432-7823 or email us at for more information.

    Email Security In South Florida

    Email is a vital tool – allowing you to communicate with clients, colleagues, and partners with minimal effort; however, cybercriminals have developed sneaky forms of malware sent via email – and these forms of malware are dangerous and frustrating. NetOne Technologies keeps you safe with:

    • Spam filtering to keep 99% of dangerous, annoying, or potentially malicious emails out.
    • Staff training to discuss the importance of strong passwords while making sure employees understand the signs of malware.
    • Message continuity wherein we make sure your email is always accessible through elimating issues/downtime caused by attacks.

    NetOne Technologies helps you protect against phishing attacks that leave you riddled in debt due to data theft and/or disclosure. Call (561) 432-7823 or email us at

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