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    Wireless Security

    Implementing the strongest security measures to safeguard your wireless networks against threats.

    We know cybercrime is rapidly evolving – hackers are constantly finding new ways to steal your sensitive information and leave you riddled in debt due to law suits and reputational damage. You depend on your wireless network, but as threats evolve, you need to ensure it’s secure to avoid intrusion. An anti-virus software program downloaded from the Internet is no longer enough to keep you safe against threats.

    NetOne Technologies provides wireless security wherein we implement the strongest security measures to safeguard your wireless network. Call (561) 432-7823 or email us at for more information.

    Wireless Security Solutions

    Our team not only offers network design to deploy a wireless infrastructure that’s suited to your unique needs, we also provide wireless security to further safeguard your company:

    • Installing and configuring an enterprise-grade firewall that prevents unauthorized access.
    • Performing around-the-clock network monitoring to detect and resolve threats.
    • Implementing enterprise-grade anti-virus software and running scans on a regular basis.
    • Providing web-content filtering wherein we block inappropriate or dangerous websites.
    • Encrypting all traffic – incoming and outgoing – over the wireless network to prevent intrusions.

    NetOne Technologies knows you need the strongest security measures available to maintain the good reputation and customer trust you’ve built over the years. Call us at (561) 432-7823 or email:

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