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    Why Risk Assessments are Non-Negotiable

    Merely adding disparate security solutions to your network isn’t enough to protect your business from a security disaster if you don’t know the risks your business faces – not just today but in the long run as well.


    What a Security Risk Assessment Entails

    A security risk assessment involves identifying information assets that might be targeted by security threats (internal and external), assessing your business’ network and data security posture, and gauging threats (prevalent and imminent) to your information assets.



    Although a single assessment may demonstrate that your business is safe, please do not assume it will remain safe indefinitely. Given the growing vulnerabilities at your business and the ever-evolving threat landscape, it is nothing but smart business to ensure you conduct risk assessments regularly, document them meticulously and carry out remediation efforts.

    Here’s what you can achieve by devising an ongoing security risk assessment strategy:

    Keep Threats at Bay

    Mitigate prevalent and potential threats while keeping vulnerabilities such as user-related risks, third-party/supply chain risks and Dark Web exposure risks at bay.

    Prevent Data Loss

    Adopt a more proactive approach to tackling any possible attempts at compromising your business data.

    Enhance Operations

    Assure your workforce that their hard work will not vanish into thin air. Boosting the morale of your employees will in turn enhance their productivity.

    Reduce Long-Term Costs

    Save your business significant revenue and/or potential reputational damage by identifying security leakages and plugging them in time.

    Improve Organizational Knowledge

    Maintain an organization-wide knowledge base of network and asset discovery, vulnerabilities, network changes and areas of improvement.

    Avoid Regulatory Compliance Issues

    By putting up a formidable defense against security threats, you will automatically avoid hassles with respect to complying with regulatory standards such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, etc.

    Set Yourself Apart

    Stand out amid competition as an organization capable of instilling greater confidence in clients and customers by demonstrating that your business is determined to keep security intact.

    Don’t Handle This Alone

    Seek a trusted partner to ensure risk assessments are thorough and accurate so you get the precise insights you need to act decisively against security threats.

    ongoing security risk assessment strategy:

    Assess Your Risks the Right Way

    Monitoring and managing your digital security risks is a continuous process that must be done regularly and should be a part of your ongoing operational strategy. To implement it the right way, you need to create a risk monitoring strategy that focuses on what risks need to be identified and how to identify them.

    1. Get Someone to Watch Your Back.

    Are your passwords for sale on the Dark Web? Is one of your staffers selling access to your systems? Were you exposed in a third-party Dark Web data dump? Find out with our Dark Web monitoring service. We’ll dive deep into the corners of the Dark Web to look for potential risks to your organization. We watch for new Dark Web threats to your systems and data 24/7/365 to alert you to potential trouble quickly, enabling you to stop cyberattacks before they start.

    Reach out to us today to perform a complete risk assessment of your digital infrastructure and help you build a resilient security posture against various threats. Request a complimentary Dark Web Scan here.

    2. Get Ready to Defend Against Your Biggest Threat.

    Over 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack, and everything a cybercriminal needs to mount an effective phishing attack against you is available on the Dark Web. Prevent those attacks from landing with Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations. Our service offers 80 phishing kits and 50 video campaigns (including COVID-19 threats), plus 4-6 new training tools added per month in 8 languages, to ensure that your staff is ready to be your first line of defense against this Dark Web threat. Learn more here.

    Join Hands With The Right Partner

    While we certainly wish we could say that you have plenty of time to mull over this, the unfortunate reality is you do not. If you snooze, it’s very likely that you will lose to a nefarious cybercriminal.

    It’s time for you to join hands with the right partner to help you gauge every single cybersecurity risk your business is exposed to and protect your business continuously for a prolonged period of time. 

    Contact us today to learn how ongoing risk assessment and management isn’t really an ordeal when done the right way.

    I invite you to have a 15-minute conversation. Whether or not we decide to collaborate, I’m confident I can offer insights that can help you find the right solution for your needs. Please click here to book a call with me.

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    Article curated and used by permission.
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